Kelyne Reis

Kelyne Reis, Visual Artist

Kelyne Reis is a visual artist, born in Brazil, lived 20 years in Germany before moving to Houston, TX, USA, in 2009. Reis' preferred media is acrylic on canvas. Influences of the German “Bauhaus” movement and of Pop Art can be seen in her works, in which she plays with bold colors, graphic shapes, and flat/clean surfaces, telling stories in a very simple way.

After experimenting with digital media, Reis started digitally modifying her existing works, creating completely new images, which she brings back to the canvas in her very unmistakable way. This new body of works she calls “Digital Embracing”.

Kelyne Reis' works have been exhibited in various venues, like commercial galleries, churches, hospitals, museums, as part of public projects, and charity events. Kelyne Reis has also participated on several juried-exhibitions.

Reis is fascinated by how strongly the interaction between her works and the viewers is affected by the venue in which an exhibition takes place. Through the venues, her works gain different readings, even antagonistic meanings, turning her creative process actually more exciting.

As part of the German art group “Gruppe LULU” she is still active in the German art scene, participating in exhibitions and projects, like the exhibitions LICHTat the Masonic Lodge in Celle and “flotART” at the Cultural Center of Wienhausen, both in 2012 and “Kunst-Hier-Auch”, a public project downtown Celle in 2011 and 2013 to name a few. Kelyne Reis works are part of many private collections in the United States, in Germany, and in Brazil, as well as in the collection of the City of Houston, TX, USA.