Isabel Gómez Gallardo

Isabel Gomez Gallardo, Visual Artist





Since the 1970s I have staked out my artistic terrain in the frontier between abstraction and figuration. As a painter, I have always been interested in the expressive portrayal of the human situation and emotion. However, abstraction seemed to express more ambiguity and indistinctness, a central concept to my paintings. By abandoning the figurative approach in favor of abstraction seems to offer a degree of detachment, allowing me to produce paintings that can exist beyond the limitations of my own experience or personality, starting from the desire to create an image that is somehow natural and familiar that can exist in its own right.
Abstraction is a medium open to the viewer, allowing personal expression and interpretation. Its indefinite nature leaves space for the viewer to introduce his own understanding and perspective of the painting.
The monochrome grounds are painted with geometrical patterns and shapes which transform the canvas by splitting it and extending it beyond its edges. White is a color I mostly choose to use because of the field of colors that open up when light hits the surface providing stillness and tranquility that engages the viewer to a spiritual level. Although my paintings are often perceived as a series, they can stand as individual pieces, each having its own expressive voice.

“A painting is not a painting of an experience, it is the experience”