Carlos Ocando

Carlos Ocando is a Houston-based fine arts photographer from Venezuela who specializes in images of "life, nature and presence." His goal is to inspire people to appreciate the beauty present in everyday life.

Artist Statement

An intangible presence. That’s what I try to capture every time I press the shutter release. I connect with this presence specially when I’m walking in nature with my camera, or simply meditating under a tree. I believe trees are majestic beings, so nobles that they have given us all we need since the dawn of mankind.

 To me each photo is a portrait, a portrait of this intangible presence that takes me beyond the feelings of every day life. I look for texture, the play of shadows and highlights. Some times I let time pass and let it create by my side, letting water flow, wind blow and clouds fly. Other times I use two or more exposures to create a unique landscape that only exists in the ethereal realm of my mind. The combination of all this elements summarize my work as a photographer.