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Anne Joelle: Marking A Collaboration between Art, Printing, Design and Fashion

In an ongoing effort to support Houston's Printing Museum's fire recovery efforts, a special fashion show/fundraising event, featuring the work of visual artist Anne-Joëlle Galley, was held on the Museum premises on Thursday, April 26, 2018. The event was a joint effort between fashion designer Megan Beck; Charles Criner, the Printing Museum's artist-in-residence for over a decade; Jennifer Curtis Pearson, Executive Director of the Printing Museum; and Anne Joelle Galley, the artist, print-maker, designer and founder of Anne Joelle Designs.


To mark the event, Anne-Joëlle Galley, designed "West Clay," a limited-edition silk scarf, featuring one of her prints, and handmade in France. The scarves are available online, first-come, first served, through the Printing Museum, and 50% of the proceeds go directly to the Museum.

"West Clay" Scarf by Anne Joelle Designs

"West Clay" Scarf by Anne Joelle Designs

Anne Joelle Galley is represented by Serrano Gallery. For more information, please contact Valentina Atkinson at (713) 724-0709.

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Mariana Sammartino’s “INFINITO Into Space” Exhibit Showcases the Ingenuity of Contemporary Craft

For Mariana Sammartino, the work she created for INFINITO Into Space represents a dynamic new proposal, one that combines art, design and craftsmanship in a unique way. “The creative process for this project may not be so different from the one I have always undertaken, but the outcome represents a departure of sorts. By design, the work’s interactive nature offers an open-ended creative cycle that does not end with the artist. INFINITO  is what I like to call ‘contextual art.’ The work is defined in relationship to its context. INFINITO invites the viewer to engage in a process of creation and re-creation. The work itself is transformed through interaction.” 

The INFINITO Into Space exhibit at Serrano Gallery features an art installation comprised of multiple modules or units made from stainless steel woven wire mesh. What is so intriguing about this work, according to Valentina Serrano, Owner and Artistic Director of Serrano Gallery, is that each unit can function as a standalone work of art, or can become the starting point for something else. She says “today’s tabletop sculpture can become tomorrow’s wearable art, or can become a vastly reconfigured art installation. You decide. You elect the context. You become the curator.”

As an accomplished metalsmith and product designer, Sammartino was inspired by the material itself. “The module (or individual unit) has no beginning and no end,” says Sammartino. “It is hand-fashioned from one piece of stainless steel woven wire cloth without seams. Each unit almost “makes itself” by revealing and suggesting different shapes and forms as it twists and turns during the process of guided manipulation.”

The art installation currently on view at Serrano Gallery is site-specific, and was configured through a collaboration that incorporated the artist’s vision and the curatorial expertise of Valentina Atkinson, owner and creative director of Serrano Gallery.



Opening Reception: Saturday, December 9, 4 to 7 PM.

On view: Saturday, December 9 through February 28, 2018.

View more work by Mariana Sammartino.

For more information on INFINITO Into Space, or to schedule a visit, please contact Serrano Gallery, 713 724 0709.


Image Credit: F. Carter Smith

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner Declares September 13 "Rolando Rojas Day"

During a special reception hosted by the Consulate General of Mexico in Houston, the Mexico Tourism Board and Serrano Gallery, Oaxacan artist Rolando Rojas was recognized with a special honor by the City of Houston: Mayor Sylvester Turner declared September 13 "Rolando Rojas Day."

The proclamation reads:

"The presence of Rolando Rojas in Houston, whose influential work resonates within local and international contexts alike, not only marks a new source of inspiration for Houstonians, but also contributes to ongoing conversations about what is possible and desirable within our community, and continues to build on our city’s reputation as a creative destination and important hub for Latino and Latin American art."

The event, which was attended by representatives from the local artistic community and the consular community (with senior representatives from seven countries in attendance), marked the one-year anniversary of the opening of the artist's studio in Houston, and showcased the artist's most recent work.

"To have an artist of the caliber of Rolando Rojas here at Silver Street Studios is always worth celebrating. Today, we are pleased to see Rolando's presence and contributions to our great city recognized in this special way by Mayor Turner" remarked Valentina Atkinson, of Serrano Gallery.

View new works by Rolando Rojas available in his Houston studio.
Contact Serrano Gallery for more information, or to schedule an appointment.


Headed to Paris After Houston: Works by Alfonso Bonilla

Following a successful exhibition of his work in New York, and the current exhibit of his works in Houston, Colombian photographer Alfonso Bonilla will be taking his work on the road --to Paris. The exhibit, just announced via Bogota's Portafolio Magazine, is scheduled to take place in the first quarter of 2018, with details to follow.

In Houston, Bonilla is represented by Serrano Gallery. His latest work can be viewed at Silver Street Studios through October 3. The works on display, curated by Valentina Atkinson, include a series of digital prints that evoke childhood memories and layered, dream-like impressions of distant places.

Read the full article in Portafolio (in Spanish) here.

Photo credit: Alfonso Bonilla.