Anne Joelle: Marking A Collaboration between Art, Printing, Design and Fashion

In an ongoing effort to support Houston's Printing Museum's fire recovery efforts, a special fashion show/fundraising event, featuring the work of visual artist Anne-Joëlle Galley, was held on the Museum premises on Thursday, April 26, 2018. The event was a joint effort between fashion designer Megan Beck; Charles Criner, the Printing Museum's artist-in-residence for over a decade; Jennifer Curtis Pearson, Executive Director of the Printing Museum; and Anne Joelle Galley, the artist, print-maker, designer and founder of Anne Joelle Designs.


To mark the event, Anne-Joëlle Galley, designed "West Clay," a limited-edition silk scarf, featuring one of her prints, and handmade in France. The scarves are available online, first-come, first served, through the Printing Museum, and 50% of the proceeds go directly to the Museum.

"West Clay" Scarf by Anne Joelle Designs

"West Clay" Scarf by Anne Joelle Designs

Anne Joelle Galley is represented by Serrano Gallery. For more information, please contact Valentina Atkinson at (713) 724-0709.

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