Cristina Zorilla Speer

Cristina Zorrilla Speer is a native Mexican artist who now lives and works in Texas. She was trained in classical restoration and conservation of antiques.  

Cristina has painted professionally for over 30 years and has shown her work in Mexico, Cuba and in various galleries in the United States.   She has over 20 solo exhibitions and has appeared in numerous group shows.   She has received several awards and recognitions for her work in Mexico and in the United States.    Through her work she is able to communicate her love for life, for nature and for freedom. She considers art a never-ending journey, a mirror of life and a representation of our hopes and dreams.

Teaching art for over 30 years is one of Cristina's proudest accomplishments, she considers herself blessed to help awaken the artistic talent in enterprising students.  Her goal as an artist is to convey a feeling of serenity, harmony and create a Zen-like moment for the viewer. Her challenge is to express all this in a contemporary style and to continue exploring and trying to adapt new techniques into her work.