Anne Joëlle Galley

In a world whose reality can often be somber, Art brings you a sparkle of hope. My paintings, Mono-types and prints are strongly influenced by intense colors. Color -- including white -- through its vibrancy, is my signature and the strength of my expression. Throughout the years, Colors have amalgamated my style, giving continuity to my work. It can not be explained better than by Matisse in his "Notes of a Painter" (1908), originally published as "Notes d'un Peintre" in La Grande Revue (Paris), 25 December 1908, pp 731-745: "The chief aim of color should be to serve expression as well as possible. I put down my colors without a preconceived plan. (…) I discover the quality of colors in a purely instinctive way. (…)" I often work directly with my fingers, on paper, board or canvas, thus "building up" the painting or Mono-type, much like a sculpture. Prints are often collaged with colored “Chine Collée”.

Having studied in Europe and attending private studios and Art courses at Sotheby’s and ICA--Institute of Contemporary Art/Christies--in London, I subsequently joined “The Art Students League of New York”, where I first became involved with printmaking. I have exhibited in Switzerland, England, Mexico, Romania (Arad Biennale), Italy (Florence Biennale), New York City (first solo show in 2002) and Houston.